Filmisreal Festival

Films from that place in the middle east

We at Filmisreal Festival envision an engaging and challenging place for the exploration of the cinema by both Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers -and druze, bedouin, ethiopian, russian, gay & straight, religious & secular and everything in between – with a focus on films made in Israel.

Filmisreal is both religiously and politically independent and unaffiliated. We love cinema for its artistic merits but also for the powerful implications of the magic of shifting perspectives, walking different narratives and surrendering to another’s point of view – through cinema.

As almost 30% of the inhabitants of Israel consist of Palestinians and other minorities, as within the Jewish communities in Israel there is much diversity, and as histories in the region in general are strongly intertwining on all levels, we consider it more than desirable normal that we screen a variety of voices through a variety of filmmakers from all backgrounds.

Nationality, identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation and so on are all very delicate subject matters, often expressed and addressed through filmmaking from the region- which has evolved tremendously in the recent decade and keeps surprising both on artistic level as well as on the subjects chosen to be explored by the filmmakers.

Through Q&A’s with the filmmakers, film introductions and debates we dive into the themes and subjects of the films that, because of their universal dimensions resonate with everyone.

We bring together audiences in the Netherlands to experience this cinema in relation to the Dutch context. We break down barriers of representation and invite you to enter a world of contradiction, beauty, struggle and at times, redemption.

We don’t label. We want to push beyond ticking prefab boxes.

Filmmakers are welcome to express themselves and their cinema as they are and as they like.  

 Welcome * ברוכים הבאים * تفضل * Welkom…!!!

The Filmisreal Crew

Filmisreal Board

Shayne McCreadie – Chris Belloni – Jaron Beekes

Lievnath Faber

Lievnath Faber

Artistic Director & Founder

Lievnath believes in the magic of cinema and envisions a place for creativity & peace. She has movies for breakfast, births as a doula for lunch and some sous-cheffing for dinner.

Martha Gallego

Martha Gallego

PR, press & special events

Martha is a passionate project manager gone PR person, a cultural omnivore with an unhealthy love for cinema and (popular) culture.

Natalie Bruijns

Natalie Bruijns

Festival production

Natalie is a young dutch/Israeli filmmaker living in Amsterdam. Film for her is perspective, voice and the identity they create. Oh, and she hands out free question marks, want one?

Daphna Plaschkes

Daphna Plaschkes

Festival special advisor

Daphna is the former director of Filmisreal during four editions of the festival between 2010 and 2013. She lives and works in London nowadays with two beautiful daughters.

Yasha Rozov

Yasha Rozov

Visual Identity and Design

Yasha operates out of his studio in Tel Aviv

Anja Waleson

Anja Waleson


Anja founded Filmisreal in 2007 and was Filmisreal’s festival director for the first few years. Anja is a facilitator, educator and strategic consultant based in Amsterdam with a never-ending passion for beautiful movies.

Thanks! תודה Dank! شكر

Alle bioscopen, filmhuizen en cinemafielen waardoor er uberhaupt en letterlijk een plek is voor Filmisreal 7 – wij danken Alex de Ronde, Yvette Erkens en Barbara Rokven en alle Ketelhuizers, Leendert de Jong en Géke Roelink van Filmhuis Den Haag, Roderik Lentz van Lantaren Venster, Yosha Margherita van ‘t Hoogt, Hans Heesen van Luxor, het gehele broedende Wijk7 collectief, met in het bijzonder Layla Meijman, Myra Heemskerk en Diego Rodriguez. Ook al onze samenwerkingspartners bedankt! Ada Kuyer, Gennie Freen, Philip van Tijn, Moscoman, Decked-out’s Lucinda Runham, Helga Marx en Astrid Nolte van het Goethe Instituut, de Universiteit van Amsterdam, Chantal Suissa-Runne, Chris Oosterom, Bert Goessen, het International Queer and Migrant Filmfestival, Emile Schrijver en Gili Crouwel, Florian Geerken en Ilco van der Linde. En natuurlijk een iedereen die ons heeft geholpen en ondersteund! Gari Feingold, Kassimou Kassi,Veysel Yuce, Dr Viktor Kal, Camilla Hut. Onze gastsprekers dit jaar: Heidi Dorudi, Colet van der Ven, dr. Josef Fruchtl, dr. Gerwin van der Pol, dr. Sudeep Dasgupta, Onno Warns. Onze die-hard jury van filmmakers Benny Brunner, Boudewijn Koole, Galed Hamed. Voor onze mooie geframde trailer bedanken wij Natalie Bruijns Itai Cohen, Ori Sinai, Liberty Kay, Max Weinstein, Sharon Elazar, Dalia Lustig, Vidi Dolev. Voor de filmbeschrijvingen op de website en in het programmaboekje danken wij Achsa Vissel!

Ons rock ‘n roll bestuur Shayne McCreadie, Chris Belloni, Jaron Beekes. Helden!

Alle vrijwilligers die ons hebben geholpen om Filmisreal 7 tot een succes te maken, bedankt!

Filmisreal wil in het bijzonder Daphna Plaschkes bedanken. Voor je partnership in de volste zin van het woord. En voor je vriendschap.


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